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Playstyle: attack 6, 6, 1 and defense 2-4 Most important players are the PG and C. Your PG needs high passing and defense ability in this formation. Key skills are Ball Burglar and Raging Bull. With these your PG will have 4+ steals per game against most teams, which is so so valuable.

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Basketball ends up being a game of chess, ultimately. That fact that you've figured out one of your strengths is your jump shot is HUGE. In my opinion (especially at your age), working to make your jump shot even better is one effective way to give yourself confidence on the court.

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I need to watch more Raptors basketball. If I remember correctly, a year or two ago the Raptors played defense differently than most teams in that they would funnel everything towards the middle. Most teams funnel actions towards the sideline such as ice defense but the Raptors would do the opposite and deny the use of sideline penetration.

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Top 5 - Wooden, PJ, Pop, Riley, Coach K. HM: Chuck Daly. Dantoni is a brilliant basketball mind but theres more to coaching than tactics and he lacks a certain motivational push that some of the upper echelon have. K, Riley, Jackson, Pop, Wooden but there are probably 5 more guys that are interchangeable in my mind.

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Last regular season—the last season before the NBA implemented the new crackdown on offensive non-basketball moves—NBA games averaged 21.8 total free throws, then the second-lowest average all-time; at the opposite end, games in the 1957–58 regular season averaged a whopping 38.3 free-throw attempts.

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The best way to play fantasy basketball is to play with a group of friends or co-workers. You can create a league for free at most of the major league management sites (ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports) and invite others to join. Or you can join a free or paid league at many of the major sites.

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On this page, a player needs to sign in up in the top right and then refresh. Next, they will hit, an orange button that says, “Check my Eligibility”. If it says they are good to go then they can download the PBE client here. After that, a player should just need to update, which will happen automatically. Then they sign in and go play TFT ...